FWPCOT3328 – Operate a four wheel drive in a towing situation

National Code: FWPCOT3328 – Operate a four wheel drive in a towing situation

Course Currency Status: Current

Duration: 1 day plus pre-reading & pre-course questionnaire

Mode of Delivery: Blended learning (Pre-learning & face to face)

Outcomes for Operate a four wheel drive in a towing situation course include:

  • following applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and codes of practice relevant to operating a 4×4 vehicle towing a trailer or moving an object
  • couple and uncouple a trailer
  • safely couple and uncouple vehicles, equipment and objects using recovery equipment
  • operating a 4×4 in a towing situation
  • following organisational policies and procedures relevant to operating a 4×4 in a towing situation
  • using and maintain relevant tools, machinery and equipment
  • assessing the safety of towing a trailer or object and consider risk management strategies for
  • appropriate vehicle and trailer clearance
  • appropriate approach and departure angles
  • correct load management
  • controlled braking methods using electric brakes, no brakes, override brakes
  • adequate movement of the tow system
  • making adjustment for extra length and width of trailers
  • making appropriate adjustment in braking distance to compensate for the combined    
  • extra weight of vehicle and trailer
  • driving vehicle to minimise trailer sway
  • engaging a lower gear when travelling downhill with a trailer
  • ensuring mirrors on both sides of towing vehicle are properly adjusted to give a clear
  • view of vehicles approaching from the rear

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