“Tow-Ed Qld” “Talking Towing” Seminars / Workshops

Upcoming events;

Tow-Ed – Cairns towing workshop Wednesday August 30th 2023, Cairns Showgrounds.

Vansafe events – visit caravanning Queensland website

CTIAQ caravan show presentations – Towing Masterclass Sunshine Coast 18th to 20th August

You can engage either “Tow-Ed Qld” or “Talking Towing” to provide a session for your group, club or members at a request. We can also provide organised workshops and seminars to suit your groups requirements and needs.

A purpose designed workshops / seminar sessions are provided to offer further skills and information pertaining to operating our combinations as safe as we can. 

Workshops can include, understanding all weight referenced acronyms, correct pairing and set up of the combination, looking at the combination’s performance on the road, electric brake usage and set up, behavior during maneuvering, applying low risk driving techniques, inspecting the combination including adjusting tyre pressures correctly and much more.

These workshops / seminars have full endorsement from Caravanning Queensland (CTIAQ). Talking Towing also provide seminars on request from CTIAQ at all of the industry shows and safety check days.

Talking Towing” comprising Tow-Ed Qld, Total Towing Setups and Weightcheck and provides presentations for Caravaning Queensland (CTIAQ) known as the “Weights and Towing Master Class” at all industry shows under the CTIAQ banner.

Talking Towing is also officially sponsored by CIL Caravan and RV insurance

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