TLIC3036 – Apply safe car driving behaviour

National Code: TLIC3036 – Apply safe car driving behaviours

Course Currency Status: Current

Duration: 1 day plus pre-reading & pre-course questionnaire

Mode of Delivery: Blended learning (Pre-learning & face to face)

Outcomes for Apply safe car driving behaviours course include:

  • applying relevant legislation applicable to safe car driving
  • applying safe car driving behaviours
  • recognising the importance of attitude in complying with road rules in relation to level of risk faced by a driver when driving a car
  • applying principles of road sharing when driving a car
  • applying low-risk driving strategies
  • explaining risk factors that contribute to accidents when driving a car
  • understanding and applying low-risk driving strategies
  • recognising internal and external risk factors contributing to accidents
  • understanding the function of vehicle operations and controls, and how to recover control of a vehicle
  • taking appropriate action to respond to hazardous situations
  • applying the principles of braking and steering to a high level of technical competence
  • operating and controlling a vehicle to a high level of technical competence

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